Emergency Numbers in Germany:

Police : 110

Ambulance / Fire Department :  112  

First Aid Kit, Warning Triangle, Safety Vest

It is recommended to have a safety vest in your car for every passenger.

The German Laws apply. The Mini must be "safe for the road". What is deamed to be "safe for the road" lies in the judgement of the police. If you are unsure then its probably best to transport your mini on a trailer.

The nearest Airports are Nürnberg and Frankfurt
The next Intercity train stations are Nürnberg or Würzburg
Arrival by Bus is possible via Kitzingen with Route 8150, but it is very complicated

We are working on offering accommodation on Site, alternatively everyone is free to look for a hotel that meets their requirements in the surrounding area

No, an Environmental ticket "Umweltplakete" must be purchased- available from TüV, Dekra, Küs, GTÜ, ATU).  In Geiselwind there is currently no ?Environmental Zone. In theory the vehicle must meet Germen / European law to be allowed to be driven in Germany.


 P&O Discount: 15% ? Here are the Links to the relevant routes:

The GBP site :http://www.poferries.com/en/dover-calais/offers/rallies-15

The EURO site:http://www.poferries.com/eu/calais-dover/offers/rallies-15

Rally code für beide Seiten : 3912478 – Verfügbar ab Dezember 2019

We are still work for dicounts from other ferry providers   - if we have any news we will update the FAQ?s  

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