Yes, club camping can be booked via the Club registration. Here you will be asked for the space which your Club requires.

Yes, dogs are allowed on leads.

Glass bottles are not permitted on site.

Yes, caravans and motorhomes are welcome to park with their fellow club members.

The camping fields have no mains electricity.

The IMM is a weekend event. There will be a day pass on Saturday June 6th 2020. 

Price 15 € per person
Available at the box office entrance
Admission without a vehicle
Valid 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Ticket prices are per person, with children under 14 free.

Ticket prices will increase at the end of March 2020 and will no longer include the goody bag, T shirt and food vouchers.

The ticket price is the same, regardless of whether you stay on site or not.

Yes, there will be showers and toilets on site.

Gas / charcoal BBQ Grills are allowed if they are not in direct contact with the grass. This information regarding BBQs can be changed short notice as a result of the advice concerning forest fires.

Campfires are not allowed on site!

Due to logistical and organisational reasons. The Site is much in use and we have only been able to secure these dates.

You get tickets here

As soon as possible, but only when you have all the requested details for your club. See the club registration for the information which we require

Club Registration

The food concept has not yet been finalised, but we will of course consider vegetarian, vegan and allergic requirements.

We are currently ( November 2019 )  sending out the tickets which were bought directly from us.

We want to inform you that we have to manually input your details and that due in part to unreadable E-Mail addresses, errors can occur or tickets are undeliverable.

Should you have not received your ticket, then please check your ticket receipt for the correct E-Mail address and contact us from this address with your complete first and surname to

P&O Discount: 15% ? Here are the Links to the relevant routes:

The GBP Site:

The EURO Site:

Rally code for both sites is: 3912478 - Available from December 2019


Unfortunately we cannot reopen a closed offer. If there are many cars travelling on the same departures you may want to look into our multi trip offer which are set prices:

 Please note that the multi-trip offer is only available on selected dates, and some dates require a supplement of up to £30.

IMM Site will definitely not be open before Thursday 04.06.20 at 14:00,, da vorher Aufbauarbeiten stattfinden müssen und ausser dem Team aus versicherungstechnischen Gründen NIEMAND auf dem Platz sein darf

All machines / appliances may only be run under supervision

In addition, these appliances must be placed on an inflammable, heat-resistant base and are not allowed to be run near flamable objects.

The required distance to woods, bushes / hedges und other flamable objects is to be observed.

Generators are to be placed in visibility of the user und must not be placed or run in woodland or next to hedges.

A fireextinguisher is kept ready by the operator.

During increase risk from forest fires these appliances may not be used, please take note of the notices which are displayed.

In addition the following is to be observed, that Generators do not create noise disturbance beside between 22:00 and 06:00 (night curfew) Generators are not to be run.

Yes at the truck wash for a fee.

More cooming soon...